John Duval Associates, Securities Arbitration Consultants and Experts in Securities Litigation.

What We Do

John Duval Associates creates strategies to assist our clients in all stages of securities litigation. Our knowledge of financial markets, industry experience, and the dispute and litigation process make us a powerful ally as you evaluate, frame, make and present your case.

In addition to pre-filing opinions, we can provide well documented opinion reports, fact analysis, strategic planning, critique of opposing experts, risk analyses, exhibits, and testimony.

Our services can be broken up into four distinct phases of a case:

Pre-filing Opinion

We will analyze and evaluate the merits of a potential case for liability (and damages, if needed) before a claim is filed as well as offer help in defending a claim.

Case Preparation

Our comprehensive review of documents and close work with attorneys helps frame the case. Services include:

  • Panel selection assistance
  • Discovery requests
  • Statement of claim/Answer drafting
  • Coordination of forensic profit and loss analyses
  • Statistical analysis of risk
  • Exhibit preparation
  • Recreating investment history and historic risk profiles with our archived library

Mediation Attendance

Many attorneys invite us to attend mediations to help them present their case to the mediator and to counter assertions by the other side. Services include:

  • Help in preparing mediation brief
  • Offering topical exhibits to educate the Mediator

Testimony/Attendance at Hearing

We prefer to attend the entire hearing in order to reinforce our testimony. Services include:

  • Direct testimony
  • Mid-hearing help in preparing direct and cross examination questions
  • Rebuttal testimony